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Voltage Comprehensive Monitoring

Product presendtation

The system can reach a comprehensive case for the entire grid voltage transformer monitoring, control line pressure drop, and timely to explore the grid voltage failure point, improve the quality and stability of the power grid, through the "Data exchange platform" to integrate the various systems of data resources, equitable distribution of monitoring sites.


Main features

The system using three-tier architecture,support B/S and C/S mode, data acquisition communications software using C/S architecture, accept communications scheduling WEB side. Clients using the WEB, flexible management group set up monitoring points, in accordance with the scope of the monitoring points allocated to each branch of the jurisdiction or power supply by monitoring personnel via IE browser to set parameters, maintenance of various types of information, and view a variety of real-time information historical statistics, to keep abreast of the line voltage conditions, save a lot of manpower and resources, greatly improve the accuracy of the data acquisition and real-time.


Functional components

l  Voltage pass-rate generate

l  Voltage pass-rate alarmt

l  Distribution transformer alarm

l  Voltage passing-rate monitoring

l  Voltage monitoring

l  Voltage pass-rate statistics

l  Voltage pass-rate summary

l  Maximum and minimum voltage summary



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