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Power Loss Online Calculation & Analyze System

Product presendtation

The system Real-time computing line losses, operating equipment loss, line loss rate and other performance indicators, through the theoretical line loss and loss analysis of real-time calculation comparing the actual line,to calculate line losses, operating equipment loss, line loss rate and other performance indicators in real time, by integrating substation metering, distribution network monitoring, marketing and management, large users meter reading, meter stations District of change, such as low-voltage users meter reading system in real time and non real-time data sources. Through the theoretical line loss and loss line analysis comparing the actual real-time computing, reach the dynamic changes of line losses grasp the purpose of reducing loss management provides a detailed analysis of a strong basis.


Main features

1.        Product and Company management closely, making it a comprehensive set of  management systems;

2.        According to the function will be divided into four series of products to meet different user requirements for gradual implementation of the project;

3.        A variety of theoretical algorithm combine to make the results more accurate;

4.        Line loss can be calculated in real timefor demanding line;

5.        Line loss trend analysis and composition structure analysis;

6.        Wiring diagram with a combination of data, software interface more friendly, more convenient operation;

7.        Provide fixed line loss management and economic line loss rate calculation function.


Functional components

l  Basic data

l  Drawing management

l  Alarm monitoring mechanism

l  Theoretical calculations

l  Line loss Analysis

l  Line loss management

l  Line loss assessment

l  Distribution management

l  Unbalance rate calculation

l  Comprehensive report management







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