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Low-Voltage Power users Integrated Meter Reading System

Product presendtation

The system is an automatic system combing the function of energy meter collection, carrier transmission, data storage, communication and processing and switch controlling, including the master system and low-voltage power data acquire terminal. The master system includes the data processing server, communication front-end processor, operating workstation. The low-voltage power data acquire terminal includes collector, concentrator and the electricity energy meter in the lowest layer.

The concentrator and the communication net of main station could adapt the GPRS/CDMA, fibers, broadband, PSTN, and so on. The communication net between the concentrator and the collector could adapt the wired network and micropower wireless. The concentrator or the collector communicating with the net of electrical energy meter could adapt the low voltage power line carrier, 485 bus etc.


System components

The system consists of the master, data acquisition equipment, electricity meter, data transmission networks.

l  Master

Master is the administrative center of the whole system, the whole system of management of data transmission, data processing and data applications, and system operation and system security, and manage data exchange with other systems. It is a software and hardware of a computer system network.

l  Data acquisition equipment

Data acquisition devices, including concentrators, collection terminals and handheld devices, is responsible for collecting energy information and data management, data transmission and execution or forwarding issued under the master control command.

l  Electricity meter

Electricity meter is the energy source of the information collection and monitoring objects each collection point, you can connect via a local communication network and the collection terminal or concentrator systems.

l  Data transmission network

Data transfer parts of the data transmission network between the completed system, it can be divided into two parts: the telecommunications network and a local communication network.

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