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DJGL33-GK760G Ⅱ type concentrator ( wireless public network GPRS)

DJGL33-GK760G type concentrator ( wireless public network GPRS)

Product Overview


DJGL33- GK760G type concentrator (wireless public network GPRS) using high-performance 32-bit ARM9 core hardware platform , independent embedded operating system with powerful spatial expansion and system upgrades . It can be set or timing of the data collected and stored energy meter , and through the wireless module (GPRS) to exchange data with the master. It has a 32M large data storage space , and to ensure data can be stored for 10 years after a power failure is not lost. Terminal has a far-infrared , RS485 communication interface , etc. , and have a complete self-recovery circuit design, to ensure that the device is working , prevent crashes. The terminal uses advanced ultra-low power LSI technology and SMT manufacturing high-tech products , the key components of selected international brands of long-life components, and improve product reliability and longevity.

Principle diagram


Concentrator can receive clock to measure the main station and called on command . Remotely or locally set and query meter reading programs, such as concentrators acquisition cycle time meter reading , data acquisition and other items . Concentrator according to event properties set by the events important events and the general classification of recorded events Atmospheric pressure: 63.0kPa ~ 108.0kPa (4000m above sea level and below).

Functional Description

1. Data acquisition

Concentrators collect real-time power meter shows the value of each , 0:00 freeze power indication , 0:00 freeze electricity meter indication . Energy data with a time stamp when saving

Concentrator using the following method to collect data meter :

a) real-time collection : focus directly collect the appropriate data entry specifies the meter .

b) regular automatic collection : concentrator automatically collect meter data logger or master plan according to meter settings.

c) automatically fill copy : concentrator within the stipulated time to read the data not copied automatically fill the meter should copy function . When completing copy fails, generating an event record , and to report to the master depending on the setting .

2 .data management and storage capabilities

Concentrator for collecting data to classify stored data is divided into day freeze , freeze meter reading data , curve data, historical monthly data. Data density curve freeze 1h 

Climatic conditions Classification:

Location type


Air temperature




Maximum rate of change

a / h

Relative humidity


The absolute maximum humidity

g / m3



-5  ~ 45


5 ~ 95



-25 ~ + 55


10 ~ 100



a Temperature change rate takes a time average within 5 min  b Relative humidity including condensation

Atmospheric pressure: 63.0kPa ~ 108.0kPa (4000m above sea level and below).

3.parameter settings and query functions

Terminal equipment can withstand the normal operation and mechanical vibration and shock under normal conditions of transport without causing failure and damage. Mechanical vibration strength requirements :

- Frequency range : 10Hz ~ 150Hz;

- Displacement amplitude : 0.075mm ( frequency ≤60Hz);

- Acceleration amplitude : 10m / s2 ( frequency 60Hz).

4. Electromagnetic Compatibility

Concentrator can withstand conducted and radiated electromagnetic disturbances and the effects of electrostatic discharge , and equipment without damage , and it works fine .

Electromagnetic compatibility test items include : voltage dips and short interruptions , power frequency magnetic field immunity , RFEMS RF field induced immunity to conducted disturbances , electrostatic discharge immunity , electrical fast transient burst immunity , damping oscillation immunity , surge immunity .

5. Continuous power stability

Concentrated in normal working condition continuously energized 72h, 72h during the sampling tests conducted every 8h, its functions and performance , measure AC voltage and current level of accuracy to meet the requirements .

6. Reliability index

Concentrator mean time between failures (MTBF) of not less than 7.6 × 104h.

In the non-communication state , collector consumes no more than apparent power 5VA, real power is not greater than 3W; concentrator apparent power consumption is not more than 15VA, real power is not greater than 10W.

8. Insulation resistance

Concentrator each electrical circuit for insulation resistance between ground and each electrical circuit in the following table

Rated insulation voltage V

Insulation Resistance MΩ,,

Test voltage V<,SPAN lang=EN-US style="FONT-SIZE: 9pt; FONT-FAMILY: 'Times New Roman','serif'; COLOR: #666666; mso-fareast-font-family: 宋体; mso-font-kerning: 0pt">

Normal conditions

Hot and humid conditions





60 <U≤250




U> 250




Note: The interface circuit secondary equipment and the external circuit connected directly using request to U>250V .


                                                 Wiring core terminal function identification


A phase line terminal ( terminal can be used as single- phase power supply FireWire )


Maintenance 485A


B phase line terminal ( terminal can be used as single- phase power supply FireWire )


Maintenance 485B


C phase line terminal ( terminal can be used as single- phase power supply FireWire )


Meter 485A


Null line terminal


Meter 485B


Door contacts


Meter 485A


Door contacts


Meter 485B


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