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DJLL33 - type GK760L Ⅱ concentrator (optical fiber)

DJLL33 - type GK760L concentrator (optical fiber)

Product overview

DJLL33 - GK760L low-pressure centralized meter reading terminal using high-performance 32-bit ARM9 kernel hardware platform, embedded operating system, has powerful function expansion and system upgrade space. To set or timing acquisition and store the watt-hour meter through the various data, and can exchange the data through the optical fiber and master station. Has 32 m large data storage space, and can guarantee data can save 10 years after the power is not lost. Also has far infrared, RS485 communication interface, etc. Complete the recovery circuit design, to ensure normal work, prevent crashing. The terminal USES the advanced technology of ultra-low power consumption large scale integrated circuit and SMT process manufacturing of high-tech products, key components and the use of international famous brand long-life devices, improve the product reliability and life expectancy.

The principle of structure

Functional description

1 data acquisition function

Concentrator gathering the real-time electricity watt-hour meter, day zero value for freezing electricity, meter reading, zero value for the power value. When electric power data with time scale.

Concentrator adopts the following method of watt-hour meter data:

A) real-time acquisition: concentrator direct acquisition by means of corresponding data of specified items.

B) automatic timing acquisition: concentrator according to the scheme of the main set of meter reading automatically collect data collector or watt-hour meter.

C) automatically copy: concentrator to not copy within the given time of watt-hour meter reading data should be automatically copy function. Copy fails, generate an event record, and can according to the report to the master station set up.

2 data management and storage function

Concentrator classifying data storage, mainly divided into day is frozen, meter reading data freeze data and curve data, history data, etc. Freezing curve data density of 1 h.

Data storage capacity: each of the 31 days of watt-hour meter zero freeze power data, 12 months per month 1, zero to freeze power data, and the ten key users 10 days of 24 hour power data.

3 parameter setting and query function

Concentrator can receive master station clock called measurement and command for fashion. Can be remote or local Settings and query the meter reading scheme, such as concentrator sampling cycle, meter reading time, data entry, etc. Concentrator can according to set the event attributes, record events according to the important events and the general classification.

The main technical parameters

1 work power

Work power: use the ac single-phase power supply.

Rating and allowable deviation: work: rated voltage 220 v / 380 v, the allowable deviation 20% ~ + 20%; Frequency: 50 hz, allowable deviation 6% ~ + 2%.

Power consumption: in the condition of the communication, the consumption of collector apparent power is not more than 5 va, active power is not more than 3 w. Concentrator of apparent power consumption is not more than 15 va, active power is not more than 10 w.

Data and clock keep losing electricity: concentrator after interruption of power supply, there are measures to keep data and clock, at least a month. The power recovery, save the data is not lost, normal operation of the internal clock.

Earth-fault resistance: the power of the concentrator by the effective earthing system or of a three-phase four-wire distribution network neutral point grounding system of power supply, 10% in ground fault and relatively overvoltage, under the condition of no grounding of two relatively voltage will be 1.9 times the nominal voltage; In this case, the terminal will not be damaged. Power supply back to normal after, terminal can work normally, save the data no change.

2 environmental conditions

Reference temperature and humidity of the reference: a reference temperature is 23 ; Reference the humidity is 40% ~ 60%.

Temperature and humidity range: terminal equipment normal operation of the climate conditions to see the table below.

Climatic conditions Classification

Location type


Air temperature




Maximum rate of change

a / h

Relative humidity


The absolute maximum humidity

g / m3



-5  ~ 45


5 ~ 95



-25 ~ + 55


10 ~ 100



a Temperature change rate takes a time average within 5 min  b Relative humidity including condensation

Atmospheric pressure: 63.0kPa ~ 108.0kPa (4000m above sea level and below).

3 mechanical properties

Terminal equipment can withstand the normal operation and under the condition of the conventional transportation mechanical vibration and shock without failure and damage. Mechanical vibration strength requirements:

- frequency range: 10 hz ~ 150 hz;

- the displacement amplitude: 0.075 mm (frequency of 60 hz or less);

- acceleration amplitude: 10 m/s2 (frequency of 60 hz).

4 the electromagnetic compatibility

Concentrator can withstand the conduction and radiation of electromagnetic disturbance and the influence of electrostatic discharge, equipment no damage, and can work normally.

Electromagnetic compatibility test items include: voltage sag and short supply interruption, power frequency magnetic field immunity, radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation

immunity, rf field induced conduction harassment immunity, electrostatic reactance immunity, and electrical transient bursts immunity, damped oscillation wave immunity and surge immunity.

5 continuous power stability

Continuous electricity 72 h concentrator in normal working state, during the period of 72 h every 8 h of parking, its function and performance is normal, ac voltage and current measurement accuracy satisfies the requirement of grade.

6 reliability index

Concentrator of average trouble-free working time (MTBF) of no less than 7.6 x 104 h.

7 power consumption

In the condition of the communication, the consumption of collector apparent power is not more than 5 va, active power is not more than 3 w. Concentrator of apparent power consumption is not more than 15 va, active power is not more than 10 w.

8 insulation resistance

Concentrator each electrical circuit to ground and the electric circuits of the insulation resistance between the following table:

Wiring installation

Concentrator is the main and auxiliary terminal connection as shown in the figure below, the terminal function id see the table below. Meter reading 485 up to 32 meters only.

Wiring core terminal function identification


A phase line terminal ( terminal can be used as single- phase power supply FireWire )


Maintenance 485A


B phase line terminal ( terminal can be used as single- phase power supply FireWire )


Maintenance 485B


C phase line terminal ( terminal can be used as single- phase power supply FireWire )


Meter 485A


Null line terminal


Meter 485B


Door contacts


Meter 485A


Door contacts


Meter 485B


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