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DCZL23-GK710Z type I-type collector ( narrowband carrier )

DCZL23-GK710Z type I-type collector ( narrowband carrier )

Applicable range

DCZL23-GK710Z type I type Collector for remote meter reading system , complete the conversion of the carrier signal and RS485 signals , enabling centralized meter reading RS485 table .

Main features

The product is mainly to complete the RS485 electricity meter collection and use of low-voltage power line as a communication channel , the consumption of power line carrier data to upload to the remote meter reading system . Features are as follows :

Supports up to 30 ammeters ;

Power line carrier remote meter reading

Support DL / T 645 1997 and 2007 ( automatic switching speed 97/645 default 1200bps, 07/645 default 2400bps, the current DL / T 645 1997 and 2007 support the default rate , can not be  changed )

Reading can copy the current power , sun power freeze

Current electricity meter reading and the moon and can be set to freeze electricity mark

Electricity storage, daily 0:00 to freeze electricity

Electricity storage capabilities, automatic monthly billing date freeze electricity

Save hours of electricity a total of 96 points

Save the light of day on 60 freeze electricity

Save on the 12 month freeze electricity

Support data passthrough

Can use infrared, carrier and 485 on the acquisition were read and copy settings

Broadcast when school is not limited to school when the right time format

Support lid detection, record the total number and the last 10 hours ending occurs

The principle and structure

DCZL23-GK710Z type I-type acquisition completed major carrier signal to RS485 signal conversion function, but for live multi-protocol RS485 watch different kinds of phenomena , lot control processing software on the chip . For the usual charge information ( total power, sharp power, peak power, battery level , valley power ) control via RS485 interface circuit chip reading copy stored in the memory 2 . After the carrier chip (PLCI36M-III-E) received carrier data network through the feed circuit , compare address ( stored in memory 1 ) whether it is a local

address , if it is forwarded to the controller chip instruction , then the controller chip has two processing modes: 1, the common charge information directly upload data storage is no longer copy to read RS485 table . 2 , other data directly after conversion after the meter reading instruction issued to the RS485 bus , in response to the data uploaded to the organization without processing chip carrier . Finally, the control chip of the chip carrier data transmitted onto the

power line carrier method , to complete a communication process .

Functional Description

Acquisition Statute overall points upstream processing , downstream meter reading and storing data ;

Downstream meter reading function : the completion of meter reading tasks, including real-time electricity meter reading , freeze date , month freeze ( freeze meter reading ) , transparent transmission ; ( 1997-645 and 2007-645 support statute ) ;

Data Storage: All meter storage it manages the last 12 months of monthly active energy data (total and various rates), the user can save energy meter recent 60 days of daily active energy data (total and various rates); storage All meter recently it manages a total of 96 points four days the whole point of active energy data (total energy);

Functions to achieve : real-time data in accordance with the meter reading interval ( interval meter reading meter intervals for 10 minutes , 15 minutes , 20 minutes , 30 minutes , 60 minutes , the default is 30 minutes ) meter reading data items , data items can be set, the default data item 901F, 9010, acquisition after six consecutive rounds meter fails to automatically delete the table address ; The whole point of data in real-time data every time you have to copy the data to freeze the same in ( year, month, day ) to store the current position to determine the effective time of meter reading data back time is the last valid data stored in different storage ; When the day freeze copy is read daily 0:00 start reading copy , default support for data entry 9A1F, supports data items can be set , the table does not support the freeze date , using real-time data storage, day freeze storage is successful or effective in real-time data storage , the same as the whole point of the principle of data storage ; The same month freeze ( freeze meter reading ) data copy to read the meter reading took place at the time , storing the same principle with the Japanese freeze .

The main technical parameters

Rated voltage : 220V

Rated frequency : 50Hz

Temperature : -40 ~ + 70

Relative humidity : 10% to 100%

Communication Transmission range: the entire distribution transformer station area

Data retention Duration: 30 years

RS485 bus nodes : ≤30

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