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DCZL13-GK720Z acquisition of Type II ( narrowband carrier )

DCZL13-GK720Z acquisition of Type II ( narrowband carrier )

Applicable range

DCZL13-GK720Z type Collector for remote meter reading system , complete the conversion of the carrier signal and RS485 signals , enabling the carrier concentration meter RS485 table .

Main features

The product is mainly to complete the RS485 electricity meter collection and use of low-voltage power line as a communication channel , the consumption of power line carrier data to upload to the remote meter reading system . Features are as follows :

Power line carrier remote meter reading

Support DL / T 645 1997 and 2007 ( automatic switching speed 97/645 default 1200bps, 07/645 default 2400bps)

Support data passthrough

Can use an infrared device and carrier were collected meter reading

Broadcast when school is not limited to school when the right time format

The principle and structure

DCZL13-GK720Z type collector mainly to complete the carrier signal to RS485 signal conversion function, but for live multi-protocol RS485 watch different kinds of phenomena , lot

power line carrier method , to complete a communication process .

control processing software on the chip . After forwarding carrier chip (PLCI36M-III-E) received carrier data network through the feed circuit to control chip , control chip meter reading instruction issued directly to the RS485 bus , in response to the data uploaded to the carrier without processing chips. Finally, the control chip of the chip carrier data transmitted onto the

Functional Description

Function as a whole collection points upstream protocol processing, downstream meter reading;
Downstream meter reading function: transparent transmission (1997-645 and 2007-645 support statute);

The main technical parameters

Rated voltage : 220V

Rated frequency : 50Hz

Temperature : -40 ~ + 70

Relative humidity : 10% to 100%

Communication Transmission range: the entire distribution transformer courts

The principle and structure

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