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DCJL23-GK710W type I collector ( micro-power wireless )

DCJL23-GK710W type I collector ( micro-power wireless )

Product Overview

DCJL23-GK710W type of acquisition is an important device for wireless ad hoc network systems , but also the power resource management automation foundation and an important means to improve the operational efficiency of electricity . It has a high starting point technology , environmental adaptability, cost-optimized , reliable , fast response, low power consumption, high intelligence, easy to install and maintain.

Main features

Acquisition Statute overall points upstream processing , downstream meter reading and storing data ;

Downstream meter reading function : the completion of meter reading tasks, including real-time electricity meter reading , freeze date , month freeze ( freeze meter reading ) , passthrough functions ( 1997-645 and 2007-645 statute ) ;

Data Storage : All meter storage it manages the last 12 months of monthly active energy data

meter reading took place at the time , storing the same principle with the Japanese freeze .

( total and various rates ) , the user can save energy meter recent 60 days of daily active energy data ( total and various rates ) ; storage All meter recently it manages a total of 96 points four days the whole point of active energy data ( total energy ) ;

Functions to achieve : real-time data in accordance with the meter reading interval ( interval meter reading meter intervals for 10 minutes , 15 minutes , 20 minutes , 30 minutes , 60 minutes , the default is 30 minutes ) meter reading data items , data items can be set, the default data item 901F, 9010, acquisition after six consecutive rounds meter fails to automatically delete the table address ; The whole point of data in real-time data every time you have to copy the data to freeze the same in ( year, month, day ) to store the current position to determine the effective time of meter reading data back time is the last valid data stored in different storage ; When the day freeze copy is read daily 0:00 start reading copy , default support for data entry 9A1F, supports data items can be set , the table does not support the freeze date , using real-time data storage, day freeze storage is successful or effective in real-time data storage , the same as the whole point of the principle of data storage ; The same month freeze ( freeze meter reading ) data copy to read the

The principle and structure

DCJL23-GK710W type collector is a wireless ad hoc network of wireless nodes , to participate and provide automatic network radio channel , through its RS485 interface RS485 interface to communicate with the meter , the relevant data collected after the meter through its own radio channel , the collected data to the concentrator , and ultimately spread to the background system . The system also features instruction or argument backstage management system spread under the table .

Functional Description

The main performance benefits DCJL23-GK710W type collector are the following :

·Adopt mesh network and ad hoc network technology, Automatic routing , relay , progression -free routing restrictions ;

·Highly intelligent network , the installation site without any manual settings ;

·Wireless communication speeds up to air 38400bps, Local 1200 ~ 9600bps ( adaptive ) ;

·Anti-lightning protection.

·Highly intelligent frequency adaptive mechanism ;

·Support any meter with RS485 interface , including single-phase smart table, remote through power single-phase meter , prepaid meter , multi-rate single-phase meter , ordinary three-phase meter , three-phase multi-function table ;

·Wireless networks can include small communities surrounding the power user ;

·Support for multiple zones , mostly concentrated simultaneously with the meter two-way communication and meter reading , no sub-time work ;

·Automatic real-time meter reading , meter reading freeze , real-time through the passthrough ;

·System self-diagnostic function ;

The main technical parameters

1.       Wireless Communication

Working frequency : 470MHz ~ 510MHz

Bandwidth : ≤200KHz

Communication speed: 38400bps in the air

The maximum transmit power : 17dBm

Spurious emission limits : ≤-30dBm ( RMS )

2.       Antenna

Connector Type : SMA

Characteristic Impedance : 50Ω

3.       Interface

Communication rate : 1200bps ~ 9600bps ( adaptive )

Connectivity features : up to 32 and has a RS485 interface is connected to the meter .

Single-phase AC Input : 220V (-20% ~ + 30%)

Frequency : 50Hz (-5% ~ + 5%)

5. Electromagnetic Compatibility

Surge voltage : 4000V

Fast transient group pulse : 4000V

Electrostatic Discharge : 8000V

6.       Insulation properties

4.       Source

Strong electrical terminals Insulation resistance :> 500MΩ

Power frequency withstand voltage : AC 2000V / 1min

7.       Working Environment

Temperature : -40 ~ 85

Humidity : ≤95%

Atmospheric pressure : 86 ~ 108Kpa

8.       Dimensions and weight

Dimensions : 160mm × 112mm × 71mm (H × W × L)

Weight : 350g

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