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DCJL13-GK720W type II collector ( micro-power wireless )

DCJL13-GK720W type II collector ( micro-power wireless )

Product Overview

DCJL13-GK720W type Collector for remote meter reading system , complete the conversion micro-power wireless signals and RS485 signals , enabling the micro- power wireless RS485 table centralized meter reading .

Main features

The product is mainly to complete the acquisition of the electricity meter RS485 , and through micro-power wireless communication channel , the wireless communication electricity upload data to the remote meter reading system . Features are as follows :


Micro-power wireless remote meter reading

Support DL / T 645 1997 and 2007 ( automatic switching speed 97/645 default 1200bps, 07/645 default 2400bps)

Support data passthrough

You can use infrared and micro-power wireless module for reading acquisition were copied

Broadcast when school is not limited to school when the right time format

The principle and structure

DCJL13-GK720W type collection is mainly through the wireless signal to the RS485 signal

conversion function, but for live multi-protocol RS485 watch different kinds of phenomena , lot control processing software on the chip . Micro-power wireless communication module forwards after receiving the data to the control chip , control chip meter reading instruction issued directly to the RS485 bus , in response to the data without processing uploaded to micro-power wireless communication module . Finally, micro-power wireless communication module of the control chip of the wireless communication system transmits data to the concentrator , to complete a communication process .

DCJL13-GK720W acquisition of Type II ( micro-power wireless ) Block Diagram

Functional Description

Logger function points overall protocol processing on the uplink and downlink meter reading

Downstream meter reading function : transparent transmission ( 1997-645 and 2007-645 supports Statute )

The main technical parameters

Rated voltage220V

Rated frequency : 50Hz

Temperature : -40 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃

Relative humidity : 10% to 100%

Communication Transmission range: the entire distribution transformer station area


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