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FKGA23-GK200 III type special variant collection terminal

FKGA23-GK200 III type special variant collection terminal

GK200 specifically changed collection terminal with high-performance 32-bit ARM

microprocessor , real-time operating system, with a powerful , fast processing speed , stable and reliable. It is widely used in large electricity customers , electricity consumption for computing acquisition , control, and management. The terminal equipment design and manufacture of the " power user information collection system technical specifications" , the relevant standard " power user information collection system type specification " and the national electricity, electronics,

power calculation , power calculation , demand calculations, historical data query , remote or local value set , power control , electrical control , power purchase control , telemetry, remote load more limited alarm , communications and other functions can be remote data transmission via GPRS network and other means communications. The terminal has an electrical measurement acquisition, remote meter reading ,

Implementation of the standards

GB / T 2887-2000 General specification for computer sites

GB / T 4208-2008 shell protection (IP code )

GB / T 16611-1996 General specification for digital radio

GB 12192-1990 Mobile FM radio transmitters measuring method

GB 12193-1990 Mobile phone FM radio receiver measurements

GB / T 2421 electric and electronic products environmental testing of the first part of the General

GB / T 2423.1 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products Part A: Cold test methods

GB / T 2423.2 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products Part B: high-temperature test methods

GB / T 2423.9 electric and electronic products environmental testing second part Cb: Damp heat equipment

GB / T 2423.10 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products Part Fc: vibration ( sinusoidal )

GB / T 5169.11 Fire hazard testing for electric and electronic products - Test methods party finished glow-wire test guidelines

GB / T 17626.2-1998 electrostatic discharge immunity test

GB / T 17626.3-1998 RFEMS test

GB / T 17626.4-1998 electrical fast transient burst immunity test

GB / T 17626.5-1999 surge ( impact ) immunity test

GB / T 17626.8-1998 power frequency magnetic field immunity test

GB / T 17626.11-1999 voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests

GB / T 17626.12-1998 oscillation immunity test

GB / T 2829-2002 periodic inspection Sampling procedures and tables ( suitable for process stability test )

Industry standard DL/T 645-2007:multifunction energy meter communication protocol

Power Company ( 2005 ) Power Load Management System General technical conditions

National Power Corporation ( 2005 ) Power Load Management System data transmission protocol

IEC 6100-6-1 (1997) for residential, commercial and light industrial environments Generic immunity standard

Functional Description

Data Acquisition

Data management and storage : including : real-time and current data , historical data, meter operation monitoring .

The main technical parameters

1. Power supply

Three-phase power supply , the system failure ( three-phase three -wire power supply off one phase voltage , three-phase four -wire power supply off the two-phase voltage ) under the conditions of the terminal to work properly.

2. Power Requirements

3100/220/380V Work within the rated voltage range of 30%

When using a three-phase four-wire power supply, a phase to ground the other two-phase increase does not affect plant operation , data can be stored correctly

50Hz,Able to work within a stable bias -6 % + 2%

Anti- Surge4000V

Anti- fast transient glitches group:  4000V

Power margin : Considering the extension terminal, power supply design with sufficient margin

3. Performance

● In the state does not communicate with the FEP , terminal power consumption is not more than 5 VA / phase

● System Specifications :

Voltage (60% Un ~ 120% Un) Accuracy : ≥0.5%

Voltage (60% Un ~ 120% Un) Accuracy : ≥0.5%

Active Power Accuracy : ≥0.5% reactive power Accuracy : ≥1%

Active energy accuracy : ≥1.0 reactive energy accuracy : ≥2.0

Data integrity rate ≥98%

Remote ≥99.99% accuracy rate

Available ≥99.5% annual rate

MTBF≥20000 hours

Receiver receiver sensitivity better than 1V; transmitter output carrier power 10W; emission offset ≤5kHz;

● System Storage:

Collected every 15 minutes active power forward , reverse active power ( total , sharp, peak , valley, flat ; reactive power : inductive reactive , capacitive reactive ; positive active maximum demand and time of occurrence ) , storage time ≥30 days. Multifunction meter reading can copy data including real-time and historical data ( DMY ) and stored. Various curves master

data can be customized voltage , current, power factor , power , etc.

Important configuration parameters can be permanently stored .

4. Input circuit

Remote signal input --- Number of inputs : 4 "1" closed "0" represents disconnect ;

Input: passive contact

Analog Input --- AC current input : 0 ~ 5A, loop power for less than 0.25VA;

AC input voltage : three-phase three-wire for 100V;

Phase four-wire for 220V / 380V;

Loop power for less than 0.25VA;

One -way passive door switch input node

Remote Output circuit: Number of outputs : three-phase three-wire : 4 ; three-phase four-wire : two -way

Output Relay Type : bistable relay

Contact capacity: Switchable 250V, 10A / DC30V, 10A

Contact life : pass, breaking above the rated current of less than 105 times

Trip mode : Pulse trip , pulse width 500ms

Alarm output circuit of outputs: 1 channel

Contact capacity : AC250 / 3A

5. Output circuit

6. Channel Interface

With infrared communication interface, the terminal can be set and read data.

● With two -way communication interface 485 , capable of meter data collection, the baud

rate 600,1200,2400,4800,9600 optional support for DL / T645-1997 statute.

With GPRS wireless communication, support GSM short message function , the ability to master communication , supporting Q / GDW130-2005 " power load management system data transmission protocol " packet transmission line with the "power secondary system security requirements ."

Wireless transceiver module conforms YD / T1214-2002 and YD / T1028-1999 standard

7. Power operation

In case of loss of AC power , the terminal can maintain data and maintain clock chip for at least 45 days , and has at least three front-end communication ( reported loss of power moments of active and reactive power values, events , etc. data ) .

8.Shell and structure

Shell size : 290180100mm.

Terminal has sufficient strength, under normal conditions of transport by vibration and shock did not affect their normal work .

According to GB / T5169.11 of housing and terminal block connectors and related test, applied to 750 high temperature in the terminal block 30 seconds , the terminal and the terminal connecting portion flameless , after removal of the glow-wire , terminal up and running properly .

Terminal enclosure meets GB / T4208-1993 provisions IP51 level requirements, dust and water to reach the standards.

Terminal shell, shell side buttons can be added to seal and terminal antenna can not be removed properly without opening the seal .

With reliable ground terminal on the terminal , the terminal cross-sectional area of not less than 20mm².

9. Use of the environment

Temperature range -25 ~ + 55 ; relative humidity < 95% ; absolute maximum humidity <29g / m³,

Terminal can withstand 66 ~ 108kPa, below 3000m altitude work .

10. Terminal Block

clearance and creepage distances shall comply with the requirements of Table 1


Table 1 clearance and creepage distances

Voltage (V)

Clearance (mm)

Creepage distances (mm)














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