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FKGB43-GK200 II type special variant collection terminal(Wireless public network)

FKGB43-GK200 II type special variant collection terminal(Wireless public network)

product presentation

FKGB43-GK200 type II variant collection terminal is designed to meet the needs of the State of DSM and developed . It uses a multi-layer circuit boards and SMT production process (SMT), high integration, advanced technology , fully functional application , users of electricity power companies to monitor the situation and improve the performance level of demand-side management terminal

main features

Terminal has a modular structure , less wiring , easy maintenance , LCD , large -capacity data storage space for remote and local upgrade program , independent RS485 interface and communication meter acquisition module 8000 character display, a full range of information services Features . On the interface, configure the 4 pulse inputs , four remote communication

status inputs , two control outputs ( normally open and normally closed ) , 1 alarm , RS232 port, two -way RS485 interface, 2 current loop interface, DSM terminal achieve the required functionality , all of the performance indicators are in line with the latest standards of enterprises , is the power sector to implement load control , remote meter reading and effective technical means of electricity management.

Technology standard

Q / GDW129-2005 “ Power Load Management System General technical conditions ”

Q / GDW130-2005 “ power load management system data transmission protocol ”

State Grid Corporation of Production Operations : electric load management system functional specification;

Power industry standard DL / T 533-1993: two-way radio load control terminal technical conditions overall technical specifications 800MHz CDMA digital cellular mobile communica -tions systems equipment : a mobile station part;

900 / 1800MHz TDMA Digital Cellular Mobile Telecommunication Network General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) equipment specification : mobile station

Power industry standard DL / T 645-1997: multifunction energy meter communication protocol

Industry standard DL/T 645-2007:multifunction energy meter communication protocol

The main technical parameters

1. Power consumption ( under reference conditions )

In the waiting state , the power consumption of the terminal is not greater than 20VA

100V power supply when power consumption is not more than 15VA

2. Ratings

Rated voltage : AC100V ~ 220V adaptiveTolerance -20 % to + 30%

Frequency : 50Hz, tolerance -6 % + 2%

3. Timing Accuracy ( under reference conditions )

Day timing error ≤1s

4. Data backup battery

Voltage : 3.6V

Capacity : 1200mAh

Life : ≥12 years

5. Environmental conditions

5.1 Reference temperature and humidity reference

Reference Temperature : 23 ℃ ± 2 ℃

Reference Humidity : 40 % to 60%

5.2 Temperature Range

Normal operating temperature : -25 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃

Transport and Storage temperature : -30 ℃ ~ + 75 ℃

The main function

1Data Acquisition

2Tuning and Query

3Remote tripping

4Local loop control

5Paul electrical function

6Excluding function

7Call functions


Working principle

Terminal by the board to complete the user 's meter data acquisition, control and switch position switch user sampling , data management and storage capabilities. When GPRS module receives a command signal from the main station control center , CPU module with GPRS communication data received judgment and treatment , according to the appropriate command to complete the terminal remote, remote control , parameter setting and data query management and then the digital information sent to the control center. When the maintenance terminal via RS232 interface can also download the upgrade program .


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