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  1.Product advantage: Qingdao Gaoke Communication INC. product range, covered a wide field, reliable, cost-effective industry-high.

  2. Technical advantage: Qingdao Gaoke Communication INC. attention to devote to research and developfdvbc fgorts, as well as active and well-known companies at home and abroad for extensive in-depth technical cooperation, so as to ensure Gaoke  company have always stood at the forefront of high technology in the world today.

  New product research and development process are as follows:

  3. Talent advantage: company focusing on personnel selection and training, the staff has more than 700 people since its establishment. Has a group of highly qualified and experienced, the courage to open up the high-tech professionals: 90% Bachelor or instructor-level professional and technical personnel, including a senior and master's degree in technology research and development accounted for 9.2%.



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